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Kosead water treatment Co., Ltd. was re-established inTaunus Stein, Hessen, Germany,in 1947. After its re-establishment, Kosead strived to reseach the practical application of water treatment technology, and supported the solutions of water treatment technology for several well-known companies in Germany.

Kosead is a strength of technology company, with a high level of manufacturing, installation and service team, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, scientific management, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, to provide professional system design solutions in pure water, ultra-pure water, sewage treatment, etc.

Hundred years, Kosead has always been committed to promoting the development of environmental protection, technology and quality based on the country, energy saving being target, expanding water treatment technology, continuous improvement of production processes, to provide customers  the best products and service.

Craft heritage for centuries, cast class quality, healthy water for your life.
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