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Kosead water treatment Co.,Ltd.was re-established inTaunus Stein, Hessen, Germany, in 1947. After its re-establishment, adhering to the Kingdom of Prussia dignified and majestic, Kosead strived to reseach the practical application of water treatment technology, and supported the solutions of water treatment technology for several well-known companies in Germany. In the late of 1960s, Kosead began to reseach the residents safe water issues, to supply safe and healthy drinking water for residents.

Kosead takes high quality materials, professional design and combines the dignified and majesty, heritaging for centuries,with aesthetic features of consumers’ personalized and fashion perfectly,to produce the high quality and high technology Household Water Treatment Products.

Every product’s production and processing in Kosead, follows the quality standards of Household water treatment products strictly, and sets up many testing procedures in the production and processing, thus eliminating the defective product into the market. In the pursuit of excellence in product functionality and high reliability at the same time, Kosead pays more attention to the artistic effect of the product and user habits. The perfect combination of function and aesthetic promotes Kosead’s brand status.

Craft heritage for centuries, cast class quality, healthy water for your life.
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