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Kosead originated in the mid nineteenth Century, the German Hohenzollern Dynasty of the Prussian Kingdom period, and it was founded by Clemens Conrad, whose father is Hovmiller Conrad, the classical architect Karl Friderich Schenkel's famous  followed. He followed Kerr Shen,until the death of Kerr shen. Hovmiller Conrad engaged in and focused on the design of the drainage system of  building internal.

From 1840 to 1861, in the reign of  Friedrich ·Wilhelm · IV with an interest in architecture and landscape architecture, was the Schenkel's old client. In 1830, Shen Kerr promoted to the Prussian Construction Authority (then Prussian highest Construction official position). His son Conrad also got a chance to be responsible for the castle interior water supply and drainage system’s design in the King’s castle of Prussia.

Father’s infection and long working life make Clemens Conrad have the deep attainments in water drainage and water treatment . In later life, Conrad was more focused on the safety of drinking water and  established  kosead company in 1863. The company is committed to improving the city sewage, the residents living water, until the outbreak of World War II.

After the end of World War II, Dunker Conrad ,a descendant of Clemens Conrad , re-established kosead water treatment Co., Ltd. in taunusstein, Hesse German,in 1947.

After its re-establishment,Kosead strived to reseach the practical application of water treatment technology,and supported the solutions of water treatment technology for several well-known companies in Germany.

Hundred years, Kosead has always been committed to promoting the development of environmental protection, technology and quality based on the country, energy saving being target, expanding water treatment technology, continuous improvement of production processes, to provide customers with the best products and service.

Craft heritage for centuries, cast class quality, healthy water for your life
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